Gardening Jobs for this Weekend….

Gardening Jobs for this Weekend….

If, during last week’s fabulous weather, you didn’t toil away in the garden, preferring a Beer with your feet up in the sun – well we can’t blame you! However, that may mean you have a few jobs left to do now that Spring is well under way.Here’s our list of what you might consider this weekend…

1) Tidy up any perennials that still need it – make sure new shoots are not covered by last year’s growth

2) Plant summer bulbs, corms and tubers such as Lilies, Irises, Dahlias, Crocosmia, Begonias and many others

3) Prune any bush and shrub roses that still need it – removing all those spindly branches

4) Prune back any buddleia that still has last year’s growth on it – it will quickly grow back

5) Prune Hydrangea paniculata back to a bud to guarantee great flower heads later this Summer

6) Aerate your lawn by spiking – don’t hollow tine yet as there is still a risk of frost

7) Although they have only just finished – now is a good time to plant Snowdrop bulbs for next year

8 ) Dead head any daffodils but don’t cut the leaves back – let them rot down naturally – this feeds the bulbs for next year

9) Top dress old compost in your containers and pots – remove the top 1-2 inches and dress with fresh

10) Sow annuals from seed for a great Summer display.

Whatever you choose to do, have a great gardening weekend, and if you need any advice pop on down and see us- we are open Saturday and Sunday.