Top Tips for February……

Top Tips for February……

With Winter fading (we hope!) and Spring bulbs pushing through, it’s time to start getting the garden ready for the growing season. The weather may still be on the cool side and rather gloomy on occasion, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do in the garden. Here are a few things you might consider this week…

1) Get pruning…now is the time to cut back some of your climbers and other shrubs including varieties of Clematis, Wisteria, Winter Jasmine, Hydrangea, Buddleia, Cornus, Mahonia, Evergreen shrubs, Climbing and Bush roses.

2) Plant Summer bulbs, corms and tubers – bulbs are not just for Spring, there are some great Summer flowering options including Gladioli, Dahlias, Nerine, Fresia, Lilllies and Crocosmia.

3) Plant up some containers with hardy Spring bedding such as Forget-Me-Knots, Wallflowers and Primroses

4) Sow vegetable seeds under glass – aubergines, beetroot, chilies, Broad beans, lettuce and rocket and tomatoes amongst others.

5) Cut back your ornamental grasses before too many new shoots start to appear

6) Divide up herbacious perennials and grasses for free flowers

7) Sow Sweet Peas

8) Cut back Perennials that have started to show growth at ground level – much easier now than when shoots are larger

9) Do any transplanting of shrubs now whilst plants are dormant

10) Give your Roses and other flowering shrubs some fertilizer – ideally slow release.

There are plenty of other things you might consider, but we think this will keep you going for the moment! Happy Gardening!