Top Tips for your garden in September!

Top Tips for your garden in September!

With Summer slowly drawing to a close here’s a few useful tips as to how you can best look after your garden as we head into Autumn.

1. Clean out your cold frames and greenhouses to get them ready for Autumn sowing and growing.

2. Plant your Spring flowering bulbs such as Crocus, Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinths.

3. Keep deadheading to promote long flowering in your annuals and perennials.

4. As the weather cools you can divide herbaceous perennials and plant them out, watering well.

5. Keep harvesting your vegetables and try and use them in pickles and other long storage recipes if you have a glut.

6. Pinch out the tops of cordon tomatoes to promote ripening over leaf growth.

7. For fresh herbs over winter why not pot up some mint and parsley for the kitchen wondowsill.

8. Pick off any rotting fruit from your fruit trees to help prevent the spread of disease.

9. If you have small ponds then place a net over them to stop leaf debris falling in.

10. Continue to feed containers and hanging baskets – they will keep flowering until the first frosts in many cases.

Here’s hoping you have a good September in the garden and are welcoming the season of mists and ellow fruitfulness.