Wykeham Wisdom for May

Wykeham Wisdom for May

What can I still plant in May – or am I too late to sow things from seed. Well the short answer is you can plant loads and no, it’s not too late to sow seeds. Here are some tips as to what you can still look to grow starting this month.

You may think it’s too late to grow your favorite vegetables from seed, but warm soil in the May temperatures is great for sowing veg seeds. Great choices like squash, beans, sweetcorn, beetroot, radishes and of course all types of salad leaves. It’s also certainly not too late to sow tomato seeds. Now that the risk of frost has pretty much disappeared you can finally put out all your bedding and hanging baskets. Just to remember to keep them well watered in hotter conditions, and a regular feed will do wonders for your Summer displays.

If it’s flowers you want to plant, then there are a whole variety to choose from. Two Summer favourites spring instantly to mind – Cornflowers and Sunflowers. Of course you can also sow a wild flower patch in your garden at this time of year – just make sure to clear weeds away first.

Other jobs for May include:

– pruning spring flowering shrubs

– tying in summer flowering clematis

– weed and feed your lawn

– cut back Spring bulb foliage if its turned yellow – leave if its still green as it will be adding nutrients back into the bulb

So much to do in May – possibly the busiest time of year. Whatever you do we hope you enjoy your gardening and remember if you pop in to Wykeham Gardens we are always happy to give advice.